Joining a Multi-Author Series: Is It Worth It?

What an amazing release week! Savannah’s Salvation surpassed all my sales and review expectations. I know I owe a lot of this success to being a part of The Indie Pen PR's Single Dad's Romance multi-author series (MAS).

I loved being a part of this MAS and I look forward to doing one or two in the future.Through this process I’ve attracted new readers, met amazing bloggers, and stepped out of my comfort zone to bring the world another African Alpha Hero! Michael Asara is something else!

Now that my wonderful experience with this series is coming to a close, I want to share my pros and cons of participating in a MAS and what to look for if you decide to join one!


· A MAS will save you a lot of money on publishing and marketing costs! The Indie Pen PR Group managed the Single Dad’s Romance Series, and for a one-time fee I received everything from Beta Readers, cover design, and even a tailored social media marketing plan with images! I literally saves about 50% on my normal costs when I purchase these things individually.

· You get to cross-promote your work with an amazing cadre of romance authors. The exposure to new readers throughout the process is priceless.

· Most MAS require you to engage with each other’s social media posts and that gains traction for your social media.

· You get a break from the project management side of self-publishing. The scheduling for every step of the process is mapped out for you. All you have to do is write the book and stay on schedule!

· If you pick a good PR group, you will get access to an expanded ARC Team and over 100 bookstagrammers and bloggers to review and spotlight your work!

· The marketing plan is already set!


·There was only one for me: lack of full control. If you are a perfectionist; you will cringe. I did. Some of the contractors used to edit, format, etc. may not be your first choice. But it’s a package so you roll with it unless you want to shell out extra money. However, once I relaxed, I realized everything worked out in the end, and I’ve got to learn to chill lol.

Is a MAS right for you?

I think it’s a great option for one or two stand-alone books a year. I write books within a series, so this was a nice break for me. Make sure the PR group you work with has a great relationship with a diverse group of contractors and reviewers. Also ensure they have excellent communication and project management skills. Finally, ensure the other authors in the group write similar work to yours. If you write sweet romance, a MAS with steamy authors will not work for you!

If you’re interested in signing-up for one. Check out the Indie Pen PR at:


In the meantime, read Savannah’s Salvation. You won’t regret it!


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