Yes! Billionaires Belong in Black Romance Too...

Today the cover and preorder link for my May 31 release, Savannah's Salvation become available.

The title is part of Single Dad's Romance Series that consists of seven dynamite romance authors. Each book is about a different sexy single dad.

When I joined the series, I was given the opportunity to choose a trope. While many may think the cocky billionaire trope is over done. I know better. Black women did not get to indulge in those fantasies to the extent other readers did.

Often if the Black alpha was a billionaire he was a criminal or gangster. Maybe he was a self-made man that owned clubs and restaurants.

Hardly ever was he an Afro-French single dad from generations of old money. So, that's what I decided to write.

Michael Asara is the black Alpha you've been waiting for. He's gorgeous, African, and all alpha. He's a man navigating the duality of being a black Frenchman in Paris.

He's deep and brooding. Hurt from his past. Unforgiving of his baby's mother, but a loving father to his baby girl. Michael becomes the key to setting our heroine Savannah free from years of grief. And it all stars with one night!

Preorder your copy today:

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