Passionate Professors contains two stand alone novellas!

This hot & steamy duet follows the wealthy Attah twins, Peter and Luke. They are Ghanaian, Gorgeous, and all ALPHA! What happens when they learn love never plays by the rules?

Book One, Love & Lyrics

Due to circumstances beyond his control, poetry profesor Luke Attah's career advancement depends on the successful thesis defense of the free-spirited graduate student, Raina Simpson. Luke is confident his charm and good looks will win his new pupil over, as it has countless others. But he does not count on a drunken moment after one of Raina’s performances, making him Raina’s number one enemy. Despite Raina’s thinly veiled contempt, the usually cool Luke finds himself warmed up by his fiery student.

Book Two, Love & Lipstick

Peter Attah is a chemistry professor committed to helping people in post-war African nations rebuild their lives. As a consultant for Sinclair Cosmetics, he uses his influence with the CEO to fund his work. When he is assigned to develop new products with the beautiful Mia Farris, he finds her impenetrable and ready to rail against the corporate culture that funds his work in Africa. Despite their differences, he realizes her broken heart is an equation that only he can solve.

Both "Love & Lyrics," and "Love & Lipstick" are published as standalone novella purchases. This Collection brings them together for a lower price and with great updates!

Passionate Professors: A Steamy Novella Duet

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