Choosing The Chief Cover Reveal

I'm beyond excited that my second novel, "Choosing the Chief," releases in next month on October 6,2020. A follow-up to "Craving A King," it is another page-turning African royal romance!

Adom and Maya are long-time best friends that fall in love!

We remember Maya from " Craving A King," as Ella's best friend that is tragically in a life-threatening car accident while Ella is in Ghana. Ella's best friend Adom goes back to Atlanta to take care of their mutual friend with his prescribed method of control and care. Eventually Adom's family drama ( remember he is Kofi's half-brother and cousin) and royal duties bring them both to Ghana where their love is tested. Can their new relationship survive Adom becoming chief and Maya returning to self-reliance? This is a love story about healing from the past and fully embracing the future!

My cover designer did not disappoint and the Sexy Sovereign Series is shaping up tone a beautiful box-set you will want own in paperback and hardback!

"Choosing The Chief." is available for pre-order on Amazon Here.

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