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The Power of Black Woman Book Clubs

I feel like an author!

I had the honor of speaking at the Metro Jackson Black Women Lawyer's Book Club yesterday and it was a blast! We talked all things Kofi, Ella, and Craving A King!

More importantly, we explored what it means to be a Black woman exploring love, careers nd a pandemic in 2020. We asked, what does it mean to be a Black woman, like my protagonist Ella, with opportunities to lead, travel and love. We discussed how to shake off limitations, just as Ella did, while setting healthy boundaries in love.

But what excited memos was our conversation around what makes good Black romance and why our stories must be told! It warmed my heart as a Black romance writer to witness Black women that serve in the highest ranks of government and commerce talk about their appreciation of healthy Black love stories!

Speaking at the book club reminded me that I am writing for my audience. When it comes to books, the power is with the reader not the writer and itt is a privilege to empower my readers with every word I put on a page. I do not take it for granted.

In the end, being invited to talk about something I've created is an honor. I've been a published author since August 2020, but yesterday, talking to those phenomenal Black lawyers about my romance novel made it official fro me.

I am a Black Romance Author and I am determined to share this message of #HappyBlackRomance all over the globe!

If you have not picked up Craving A King do it today! I promise you will close the book feeling empowered to love!

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